FiveM & RedM Script Releases

Here is a collection of my most popular FiveM and RedM scripts that I've released. For a full list of all my releases, checkout my profile page on the FiveM forums by clicking here, or take a look on GitHub.


These tools/docs are useful for FiveM / RedM resource (or GTA 5 / Red Dead Redemption mod) creators. Or simply if you're into researching things related to these games. This is probably not relevant to regular players of these games, so if you're just a player, you can ignore this section.

GTA V Driving Style & Animation Flags Calculator

Simple tools to calcluate the driving style you need for a specific driving task, or ped animation flag calculator.

GTA V Scaleform Functions Reference

This is a collection of almost all scaleform functions and their "known" parameters from the decompiled scaleform scripts.

GTA V Player Stats

A list of known player stats. Note: this list is generated using a script, and probably contains some incorrect items.

GTA V Particles List

Collection of all particle names and the corresponding particle dictionary names.

GTA V Draw Text Colors

A simple tool allowing for basic "rendering" of text colors using the ~(...)~ color codes in functions like DrawText() in GTA V.

Weapons Stats

Weapon stats and components list.


Parachute styles & smoke trail colors. Including labels for both the names and descriptions of all parachute styles & smoke trail variants. As well as RGB values for each smoke trail color.

GTA V Objects List

List of a lot of GTA V objects with pictures, object name and all hash variants. This does not contain every single object in the game.

Warning Buttons

A simple flags calculator, used to calculate the exact value for all the buttons that you want to appear on warning/alert screens in GTA V. You'll know what it is if you're looking for this.

Damage Events

This is slightly different, it's documentation for a specific resource (DamageEvents), however it's still useful if you're looking for GTA V native game events, especially if you also look at the source code of this script on GitHub.

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